Zika travel advisories updated for travelers

Zika travel advisories are still on the minds of many travelers to the Bahamas and to the Caribbean. The good news is that as of mid-October 2018, precautionary advisories have been lifted for Florida and the Bahamas, however, caution is still indicated for guests traveling to Caribbean nations, though some advocacy groups are ready to lift these advisories as well.



Curent Resources:

Where do I get my info? The CDC and CARPHA are good starting points.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Zika Virus

This image is directly from the CDC – taken 10.25.2018

CARPHA: Caribbean Public Health Agency – Zika


Who is at risk of Zika complications?

Due to the risk of birth defects, women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant – and their partners – are the key demographic of concern when it comes to the Zika virus. These are the guests who should pay special attention to zika virus travel advisories.

I always recommend speaking with your healthcare provider prior to cruising. Given the limited medical facilities onboard a cruise ship, cruise lines already restrict cruising to passengers who are past 24 weeks gestation.

Disney Cruise Line Zika Precautions

Prevention of mosquito bites – which is how Zika is transmitted – is the first line of defense in preventing infection. Disney Cruise Line has repellent stations at all Bahamian and Caribbean ports of call for use by guests.

Insect repellant station.
Insect repellent provided for free on Castaway Cay.

You are also welcome to bring aboard your own insect repellent for use in any port of call.

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Zika Virus Travel Advisories Lifted in Many Areas |DCL Prep School