What You Need to Know About Castaway Cay Cabanas

How do you make a day at the beach on the most magical island on earth even better? The cabanas on Castaway Cay do just that.

Family Beach

Castaway Cay’s family beach is home to 20 private cabanas which can accommodate up to 10 guests. Each cabana is stocked with water, drinks, snacks and sunscreen. Towels are provided, as is s freshwater shower for rinsing off sandy feet. Each cabana has its own hammock, lounge chairs and beach chairs. Additionally, your snorkel gear and floats are included in the price of the cabana, and each guest also gets a one-hour bike rental.

Cabana rentals at the Family Beach begin at $549 for the day.


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At the end of the beach sits a very special cabana. Cabana 21 is the Grand Family Cabana and can accommodate up to 16 guests. This cabana has a special place in my heart, as it was home to our last family reunion celebration. In addition to the covered lounging areas, this cabana has a dining table and lots of space to stretch out and relax.


Serenity Bay

Serenity Bay is Castaway’s adults-only beach, and the cabanas are also only for adults. Beginning at $399 for the day, the only amenity these cabanas do not have that cabanas on the Family Beach have is a private beach. But, since they are already located on the far more secluded side of the island, I don’t think it is something you will miss.

A day in the cabanas is a special treat that we won’t soon forget. The private atmosphere and the seclusion make it all the more wonderful. And, of course, service is exemplary.


The Family Beach Cabanas begin at $549 for up to 6 guests. You can add an additional 4 guests for $50 each.

Serenity Bay cabanas start at $399 for up to 4 guests, and an additional 6 may be added for $50 each.

The Grand Family Cabana (Cabana 21) begins at $899 for up to 10 guests, and you may include and additional 6 for $50 each.

Cabana Amenities

Cabanas come stocked with snacks, towels, sand toys, access to beach chairs with umbrellas, floats and private hammocks. Here is a look:

How to Reserve a Cabana

It is hard to secure a cabana. They are in limited supply, and they are in high demand. Concierge and Platinum Level Castaway Club Members have first access at 120 days prior to sailing. After that, Gold Castaway Club Members can book at 105 days and Silver Castaway Club Members at 90 days prior to sailing. First time non-Concierge Guests can begin booking at 75 days prior to sailing.

How to Increase Your Chances of Securing a Cabana

While I can’t guarantee you an available cabana, these tips will help increase your odds.

  • Sail in off-peak times (like January)
  • Sailing on the Magic and Wonder (which are smaller ships that carry fewer passengers) lessens the competition for the cabanas.
  • Consider a Serenity Bay Cabana. They are only for adults, but I have seen availability a few weeks prior to departure, even during peak travel times.
  • Be tenacious. Check availability online frequently. Call DCL. Sometimes a cabana has been released, but the inventory hasn’t hit the website. You never know.

Was it worth it?

I have been asked many times if a cabana on Castaway Cay is worth the expense.

In a word – yes! Our first cabana experience was to celebrate a family reunion. We had Cabana 20 and the Grand Family Cabana (21). With a very large group, the huts made it feel like we were gathered at a home. We relaxed, the little ones splashed in the private cove, and with one push of a button, a Crew Member was at our side to offer assistance or take orders for cocktails.

With price tags like these, be sure it is something you want to spend the money on. Our family felt the expense was easily justified because of the significance of the reunion. If it is an expense you can shoulder, and it is an experience you would like to have, I wholeheartedly recommend the cabanas.

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