Wave Season: What is it, and how to get the best deal for your Disney Cruise

What Is Wave Wave Season?

Just as the holiday season comes to an end, Wave Season begins. Simply stated, Wave Season runs from January through the end of March, and is the time of year when the most cruises are booked.

How Wave Season Came to Be

The holidays are over, and a new year is about to start. You have a great big empty calendar in front of you, and as winter rolls on, you find yourself dreaming of warmer climates and white, sandy beaches.

It’s also tax season, and many vacationers who are expecting Income Tax refunds are thinking of ways to spend the extra money, which makes it the perfect time to plan a vacation.

Wave Season Booking Deals

In order to entice families to book cruises, the cruise industry runs deals and booking incentives. Cruise industry analysts (what a great job title) call this the equivalent of Black Friday/Cyber Monday for the cruise lines.

Disney Cruise Line’s is currently offering 50% off of cruise deposits for sailings 7-nights or longer – and Alaskan and European cruises are included in this promotion. Reduced deposits are usually reserved for Guests currently onboard a Disney ship who rebook their next cruise during their current cruise.

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From Disney Cruise Line:

Book a magical Disney voyage by February 15, 2018 and pay for only half of your required deposit on the day you make your reservation.

This limited-time offer is valid on any new reservation for a 7-night or longer Disney cruise departing between June 23, 2018 and May 31, 2019. Remaining balance due at time of final payment. See Important Details below.

Embark on a tropical 7-night or longer cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas—or choose from one of our other fun-filled itineraries to Alaska, Europe, Mexico and beyond. With exciting voyages sailing from Florida, New York, Texas and California, there’s no better time to cast off with Disney Cruise Line on a family vacation.

Click here for complete details on this offer from Disney Cruise Line.

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Other Disney Destinations

Wave Season isn’t just for cruise vacations, it carries over to popular, warm-weather destinations on land. The first three months of the year are the time when high volumes of vacationers plan their getaways for the rest of the year.

This is a great time to plan your Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort vacations.

Did you know that you can use that Cruise Request form on the right side of this page (if you are on a mobile device, you can see the quote request link at the bottom of every page.) to request a quote on ANY DISNEY DESTINATION! Use the Comment Section to let me know your destination of choice, and I will put together the Disney vacation of your dreams. (I actually grew up in Florida, and love planning WDW vacations for clients. Who knew!)

What You Need to Know

Wave season deals are offered on a limited time basis. Special offers also have specific restrictions; so pay careful attention to the fine print.

It is also helpful to consider that even though it may seem like everyone around you is planning a vacation, you aren’t all traveling at the same time. The current Disney Cruise Line Reduced Deposit Offer spans cruises mid-2018 through mid-2019. So, even if it seems like everyone is planning a cruise, you aren’t all sailing together.

How to Take Advantage of Wave Season Offers

Have you been wanting to take a Disney Cruise Line vacation, but the thought of a 20% deposit had you thinking twice? Then now is the perfect time to plan a Disney cruise.

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And, now, the team that helps you plan your vacations can also help you book them and take care of every detail – from dining time selections to Port Adventures and Princess Gatherings – all planned for you, for free. When you submit your request for a quote through DCL Prep School, it comes directly to my desk, and I will personally handle every detail, from pricing your cruise to selecting the perfect stateroom for your family.

When you book your vacation with Prep School Travel, you pay the exact same fares as vacationers who go it alone, and book everything themselves (travel agents receive their commissions directly from Disney).

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