Top 5 New Cruise Resolutions A Bucket List For My Next Cruise

You can’t do it all on one cruise. You just can’t. And I think that is the best thing about a Disney Cruise Line vacation. Really. I do.

Here’s why: Each time I leave a Disney ship, I leave with a list (usually a long list) of things I didn’t get to do or try that I want to experience on my next cruise… and likely the cruise after that.

What are new cruise resolutions?

I was on the Disney Dream last autumn, and I will be sailing on her again soon. The last cruise was a whirlwind 3-Night Halloween on the High Seas cruise, and my upcoming cruise is a 5-Night Bahamian cruise with 2 stops at Castaway Cay, which will give me a bit of time to slow down and enjoy a bit more of what DCL has to offer on the Disney Dream. This is a list of what I couldn’t experience on my last sailing, that I resolve to accomplish this time around.

New Cruise Resolution #5

Spend a little quality time at Satellite Falls: I am intrigued by this area of the ship. I only had the chance to walk by it on my last cruise. Now that my kids are older, and will likely spend most of their sun deck hours at Vibe, I think it is time for me to head up to this adults only oasis.

New Cruise Resolution #4

Experience the Rainforest Room: The Rainforest Room at Senses Spa & Salon has long been hailed as one of the best spa bargains sea. The Rainforest Room can best be described as a luxurious aromatherapy experience for the senses. A pass grants guests access to a number of aromatherapy showers, a sauna, whirlpools and heated tiled loungers that, in a word, look divine.

I have toured this area of Senses Spa & Salon, alas I didn’t have enough time to properly enjoy a day there, so I put it on my “Resolution List” for next time.

Want to experience this for yourself? You have a few ways to snag passes for yourself.

  • Purchase a Day Pass at the Senses Salon & Spa Desk. Day passes are currently $25.
  • Purchase a Length-of-Cruise Pass at the Senses Salon & Spa Desk. The price depends on the length of your cruise, but you can count on shaving a bit off your per day price. These are extremely limited, so inquire the moment you board the ship.
  • Purchase a Day Pass ahead of time at Disney Cruise Line In-Room Gifts & Shopping site. At $16 per day, it is a total bargain. Guests can purchase as many passes as they wish. However, you must call the 1-800 number and prepay for the passes. (Any passes purchased at sea go on your onboard account instead.)

New Cruise Resolution #3

Order Room Service: I am notorious for not utilizing room service. With so much good food on the ships, it is hard for me to justify staying in. But this cruise is a bit of an escape after a hectic, yet exciting, school year. I know I am going to need to take a break from the crowds, and I think a little room service is in order.

The best news is that 24-hour room service is included in the cost of your fare! Just be sure to have a few dollars on hand to tip the awesome crew member who delivers your meal. $2 is fine if you order a couple snacks or meals. I tip $5-$8 if ordering meals for my entire family. Well worth it for the convenience!

New Cruise Resolution #2

Enjoy a Special Dining Experience: Dining at Remy and Palo is certainly special, but did you know that Remy offers a special dessert experience on at-sea days?

You had me at dessert! Bon appetite.

New Cruise Resolution #1

Take more character photos! I admit it, I am awful at this. Unless the character is roaming or has just about no wait whatsoever, I rarely do the character-photo thing.

Confession: On our last trip to Walt Disney World, I took absolutely NO character pictures. None.

Disney Cruise Line | Character Meet & Greets | DCL Prep School

So, in penance (mostly to my daughter who constantly reminds me of this particular shortcoming of mine) we have declared that our next cruise is a Character-Pa-Looza. To help motivate me, I have pre-purchased the photo package (click here to learn about DCL photo packages) which includes digital and printed photos. I traditionally only buy photos a-la-carte, but we want to maximize the character fun on this cruise!

In reality, the lines for character meet and greets on Disney Cruise Line are far shorter than they are at the Disney parks. Most are scheduled events which are clearly highlighted on you Personal Navigator (a daily newsletter that details the schedule for the day).

Here’s to new cruises and new experiences. Even with just four ships in the family, there is always something new to experience and somewhere new to travel to with Disney Cruise Line.

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