The Ultimate Disney Cruise Line Packing List

You made it! It’s almost time to pack for your cruise. You have a to-do list a mile long, and packing is at the top of it. As a mom of three, I know how complicated this part of the trip-planning process is. To help combat last-minute planning fatigue, DCL Prep School created a the Ultimate Disney Cruise Line Packing Guide.

 Packing Goals

Disney Cruise Line StateroomsDisney Cruise Line staterooms are 25% larger than comparable categories on other cruise lines, but that doesn’t mean that you have all the space in the world. Far from it. Cruise line staterooms are small compared to hotel rooms on land, so you must pack wisely.

Remember, on land, if you forget to pack an item, a quick trip to the drug store usually gets you through your week. No such shop exists on a cruise ship. Sure, the onboard gift shops keep a very small selection of most toiletries and over-the-counter medications, but these shops are not open 24/7 (in fact, they are closed while the ship is in any port of call), and you will pay a premium for anything you buy. This packing guide will help you remember all of your essentials.

DCL Prep on PinterestIt boils down to this: Your goal is to pack everything you need for your vacation without packing up your entire house. Challenge accepted.

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The Ultimate Disney Cruise Line Packing List

I use my packing lists in several ways in the weeks leading up to my cruise:

  • I print the list a few weeks before I travel. I check off items I have on hand. All other items are placed on my pre-cruise shopping list.
  • I print it out when it is time to pack.
  • I keep a fresh copy in my travel portfolio. It helps when the time comes to pack up to head home.

This list is meant as a guide. You may need to add a few items to your list, or some items on my list may not apply to you. Make it work for you!

Google Docs Disney Cruise Packing List: Ultimate Disney Cruise Line Packing Guide
PDF Disney Cruise Packing List: DCL Prep Packing Guide – General Packing-6

Ultimate Disney Cruise Line Packing List

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