Everything You Should Know About the Personal Navigator

Ah, the Personal Navigator, how I love thee. No, I am not going to compose a sonnet or a haiku to the daily newsletter distributed by Disney Cruise Line, but it certainly deserves one. Your Personal Navigator is one part informational, one part daily schedule and one part advertisement. You will receive your Personal Navigator each evening when your Stateroom Host visits your room during turn-down service. (Additional copies are available at the Guest Services Desk and throughout the ship.)

The Anatomy of the Personal Navigator

The Personal Navigator has two main sections. The larger section is a 4-page newsletter. It tells you where you are in the world (it’s easier to forget than you may think), has the weather forecast, highlights special activities and lets you know what dining attire is expected that evening. Part 2 is a pull out schedule of the days activities and also includes operating hours of dining rooms, lounges and gift shops.

Your Stateroom Host delivers the Personal Navigator each evening during turn down service.
Your Stateroom Host delivers the Personal Navigator each evening during turn down service.

Cover Story

Each day offers something fantastic, and it will be prominently featured as the day’s cover story. This was the day Tangled: The Musical was to be performed. Beneath the feature you might find fun facts about the ship or port of call, friendly reminders and a Don’t Miss section highlighting some of the day’s best activities.

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The lower section details dining menus, drinks of the day and has important safety numbers.

DCL Prep School Tip: If there is a matinee of Tangled: The Musical, go see it. Then see it again at during your regular evening theater time. It’s that good! The lanterns must be seen!

Pages 2 and 3

These two pages open up, much like a newspaper.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 10.58.12 AMScreen Shot 2016-09-13 at 10.58.27 AM

  • The first three columns are dedicated to adults-only, family and youth activities respectively.
  • The final column highlights movies being shown in the Buena Vista Theater (and sometimes the Walt Disney Theater), as well as variety acts and special performances.
  • The bottom corner details the Open House Hours for each of the Youth Activities Centers. That is the perfect time for Mom and Dad to check out how fantastic Disney’s kids clubs really are.

Page 4: More to Enjoy

The back page of the Personal Navigator is much like the back of a magazine or newspaper. It contains mostly advertisements and notices. However, just because they are ads, doesn’t mean the information should be dismissed. Highlights include

  • Future booking opportunities.
  • DVC solicitation information.
  • Featured spa treatments of the day.
  • Special merchandise only offered that day.
  • Port Adventure Desk News

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If the Personal Navigator is detailing a day in a port city, it will let you know if lounges or gift shops (or both) will be closed or open while the ship is docked or anchored.

The bottom section, entitled IMPORTANT INFORMATION is typically the same each day. It covers policies regarding smoking, corridor quiet hours, inclement weather and more.

The Daily Schedule

This section is not attached to the newsletter portion, which makes it portable and easy to carry along in your bag or even fold it in your pocket.

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The first side includes the date and location again. It also tells you which movies are playing, provides hours of operation for every area of the ship including the spa, sports deck, dining rooms, gift shops and lounges. However the most useful corner of this page is entitled Character Appearances.

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This section lists all of the day’s scheduled character meet & greet times including any dance parties.

The Daily Grid

The daily grid is the on the reverse side of the Daily Schedule, and is the most useful page of the entire Personal Navigator. The grid is just that, a grid with activities times and locations of every imaginable guest activity on board (and at Castaway Cay).

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You will find the morning activities on the top, afternoon in the middle and evening on the bottom. It makes it easy for those who want to fold the sheet for easy referencing. Activities are split into age groups and theater happenings.

It you want to know what is happening at the Oceaneer Club at 4:45 pm… it’s Story time with Belle! Want to know when you can play Bingo, it’s at 3:45 in Fathoms.

Final Thoughts

Take your time in the evening as you are relaxing in your stateroom to read over the Personal Navigator for the next day. Some guests like to travel with a highlighter pen to mark activities, others take notes in the margins. However you decide to plan your day, make sure to take some time to simply enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the ship.

PDF for Download

Click here for the entire Personal Navigator for January 18, 2016.

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