New Disney Cruise Line Itineraries

When will the next set of cruises be announced?

No one knows. Disney Cruise Line gives travel industry professionals about 3 day’s to 1 week’s notice when new itineraries will be released. But, there are a few things which help us predict.

What We Know

We can look at historical trends to see when new itineraries might be announced. Disney Cruise Line has traditionally had 3 release dates per year. Some years have varied, but we usually expect 3.


2017 Releases

I could go back years through the archives, but for the most part 2014-2017 were very similar. The release dates varied, but the cruise itineraries announced each season were about the same.

February 21: Summer 2018 – from May through September 2018.

May 11: Fall 2018 itineraries announced – from September through December 2018.

October 26: Winter and Early Spring 2019. From January through mid-May.

The Current Trend

The current trend gives Guests about 18 months (give or take a couple of months) lead time on planning a cruise.

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May – September cruises for the following year will be announced late winter – early spring.

For example – the May 2018 cruises were announced in February 2017

September – December cruises for the following year are announced in mid spring.

For example – the October 2018 cruises were released in May 2017.

January – May cruises are announced in the autumn.

For example – February 2019 cruises were released in the fall of 2017.

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