How to Sail Like a Pirate on Your Disney Cruise

*This post contains affiliate links*          September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. While the origin of this mystical holiday eludes me, you need not wait to talk like a pirate. Almost every Disney Cruise Line sailing celebrates Pirate Night (Alaskan and some European itineraries replace Pirate Night with a Frozen Celebration). With so much pirate mischief afoot, ye landlubbers might need a guide map.

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day Like a DCL Pro

Argh, so ye need a wee bit o’ brushin’ up on yer pirate talk? Here are a few words that will make you look like a Pirate talk expert.

  • Landlubber: An insult hurled at a novice sailor or someone who is awkward at sea.
  • Matey: A practical way to address someone in a cheerful, if not necessarily friendly, fashion.
  • Scallywag: A villain or mischievous person.
  • Rum: An intoxicating beverage, specifically an alcoholic liquor, distilled from fermented molasses or sugar cane.
  • Avast!: A command meaning stop or desist. (Parents of young buccaneers should be well acquainted with this phrase.)
  • Bilmey: An exclamation of surprise.
  • Davy Jone’s Locker: A fictional place at the bottom of the ocean. In short, a term meaning death.
  • Hornswaggle: To cheat.

These Disney Kids know all about being a pirate!

For more pirate talk, visit the buccaneers at

Pirate Drinks

It wouldn’t be a Pirate celebration without rum. On select sailings Disney Cruise Line offers guests a Rum Tasting Seminar, which is very appropriate as the drink is made on many of the islands visited by Disney Cruise Line. The tasting is led by a Crew Member and usually features five different rums and cocktails. (though offerings may vary by cruise). Check your Personal Navigator or with Guest Services for a schedule of tasting seminars offered on your cruise.


Pirate Night Happenings

Pirate Night may be the one day most cruisers look forward to, and for good reason. The atmosphere on the ship is festive all day long. Even the music playing in the stateroom corridors will have you in the mood to party like a pirate. Remember me hearties, each cruise is unique. Always check your Personal Navigator for event and showtimes.


  • Pirate Movies on FunnelVision: Look for Muppet Treasure Island, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan
  • Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party: Stage show with Pirate Mickey and friends. (Immediately followed by fireworks and a dance party on the Magic & Wonder)
  • Bucaneer Blast: DCL is still the only cruise line to offer fireworks at sea! (On the Disney Dream and Fantasy the fireworks show is a separate event from the Deck Show)
  • Fun Games in the D-Lounge and Youth Activities Centers

Special Disney Character Meets

You will see the most of Mickey and the gang available for scheduled meet & greets throughout the evening. Though characters will vary by cruise, prepare to meet Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, Pirate Chip and Dale, Jake – The Neverland Pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow as well as Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald and Daisy all in full pirate costumes.

Special Pirate Night Menu

It’s no surprise that a special menu is part of your Pirate Night experience. All of the main dining rooms get in on the fun with a special menu featuring flavors of the Caribbean. Jerk spices, coconut and curries make up the eclectic palate of the region.

Make sure to dance your dinner away at the Pirates in the Caribbean parties, because the Late Night Pirate Buffet at Cabanas will blow yer socks right off. (Note: Not usually offered on cruises with a Star Wars Day at Sea.)

Pirate Trivia

Did you know that Disney Cruise Line ships are the only ships to sail with four captains at once? Yes four!

  • Ship’s Captain: Each ship has its own captain who is responsible for all operations and all souls onboard.
  • Captain Mickey: Responsible for the spirit of the ship!
  • Captain Jack Sparrow: I’d say he was responsible for something, but we all know better!
  • Captain Hook: Responsible for general mischief and chasing Peter Pan.

Pirate Costumes

I should say that dressing up for pirate night is optional. I should, but I won’t. Just do it! You will not regret it.

But I don’t want to dress up in a full costume, you say. No problem. I like to think of Pirate Night as a theme, and you get to take it where you want to go. (I do love a theme.)

T-Shirts Only: If a pirate-themed t-shirt is as far as you are willing to go, then go for it. These are a few of my favorites.


Hawaiian Shirt: This is the shirt my husband wears on Pirate Night. The material is soft and lightweight. He loves it. It must be gaining in popularity, because I saw at least four other men wearing it on our last cruise.

Full out Pirate Regalia: So, you want to go all out for Pirate Night! Good on ye, mates. Here are a few ideas.

Complete the Look

You have the perfect costume (or t-shirt), to really complete the look, you need makeup! Here is a Pirate Makeup DIY straight from the Pirate experts at Disney.

Lastly, you will need a few pirate accessories to finish the look and to really turn into your pirate alter ego!

Visit the Pirate League on DCL

On Pirate Day, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique transforms into the Pirates League. Kids ages 3 through 12 can transform into pirates, complete with scars beards. Costumes and accessories are available to purchase.

Pirates League Packages: 

All packages below take approximately 45 minutes to apply and are designed for Guests ages 3 to 12, other than our First Mate and Empress makeovers, which can be given to scurvy dogs of all ages! Please also note that all Pirates League packages are available on Pirate Party Nights only.

First Mate Package
Price: $44.95
Landlubbers are transformed into buccaneers—just in time for Pirate Night festivities—with their choice of pirate facial effect, a sword and sheath, bandana, earring, eye patch, tattoo and unique coin necklace.
Facial effect choices: Captain Jack, Captain Hook or Blackbeard

Empress Package
Price: $44.95
For a Pirate Night look with a touch of glam, the Empress Package includes shimmering makeup, a face gem, nail polish, lip gloss, a bandana, earring, eye patch, tattoo and unique coin necklace—all the essentials for a lively evening at sea!

Deluxe Maiden Package
Price: $99.95
Get in character for Pirate Night with this deluxe package, which includes all of the same elements as the Empress Package but with your choice of costume. Costume Choices: Empress gown or T-shirt and tutu

Sizes available are limited.


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