Easy Disney Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching (even if you are reading this in the spring, Halloween will be here before you know it). And whether you are sailing out on Disney Cruise Line’s Halloween on the High Seas or heading to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party… or hanging at the abode, you will need a costume.

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So you aren’t crafty or “Pinteresty” yet you still want an original look? Where should you turn?

Amazon, of course! Seriously, how did we ever survive before Amazon Prime? I am a huge fan of all things simple! And it doesn’t get any simpler than heading directly to Amazon’s mostly dedicated Disney Halloween T-Shirt page for inspiration.

Favorite Group Costume: The Inside Out Crew

This is a great costume idea for groups. Start with a t-shirt of your favorite Inside Out Emotion. Pair it with a skirt that is definitely reminiscent of Riley’s wall of memories… and you have a great costume!

Comfortable Costumes for Kids

Elaborate costumes may look fun (and good in a photo or two) but if they restrict your child’s ability to run and move like they want, by the end of the evening you’ll be lucky if your little one is still wearing half of the costume. And don’t get me started on Halloween costumes that ITCH!

So, keep it comfy! Start with bottoms that are already in their closet (free) or inexpensive plain cotton shorts, pants or skirts that you can get at most discount retailers, and add a fun Disney character tee for the ultimate comfy costume.

Or go for tees that approximate the costume like these…

Wheezy from Toy Story
Wilderness Explorer – Up
The wonderful thing about Tiggers…

When Disney Costumes and Matching Tees Aren’t Your Thing, Pick a Theme

So, you want to dress up… but only sort of. You like the idea of dressing a certain way, but you aren’t necessarily into costumes. That’s ok. No costume-shaming here.

So, if you are not a Disney costume expert, but want to enjoy the fun of a little bit of dress up, go for a theme instead. Choose a Disney movie, any movie. The classics work very well for this, and let each member of your party find a t-shirt within the theme that fits their own style.

Step 1: Search for movie t-shirts. I searched “alice in wonderland tshirt,” and found a wide variety of shirts and styles.





A Superhero theme is great too…



DisneyBounding is a new-ish trend that has turned into a wonderful Disney tradition for many Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line travelers. Instead of dressing in costume, DisneyBounders dress in traditional clothing that give the impression of a particular character.

This is fun for all ages. Guys and gals can get in on the fun, and Amazon is a DisneyBounders BFF.

Minnie Mouse… just add ears!

Cheshire Cat… I love a costume that is great for guys, gals and kids. This Cheshire Cat look – feel free to pick a pink or purple shirt – works for everyone!

Character Dresses

Where was this t-shirt dress when my daughter was little. Accessorize the yellow dress, and you have an adorable Belle. Add some pink ribbons to your daughters hair, and the purple dress becomes Rapunzel’s gown. This dress comes in a rainbow of colors… so you can use your imagination (or a few dress up accessories from your dress up box) to complete this cruise-worthy DisneyBound look!

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