Disney Dream: Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom

I have to admit that I am fond of staterooms with verandahs, and I wasn’t sure how I would like having a porthole in the room instead. Well, let me tell you, I. Absolutely. Loved. It!

And I will let you in on a little secret… When you look at the square footage of a room, it includes the verandah. In the oceanview rooms, all of that square footage is indoor, usable space.

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Photo Gallery: Disney Dream Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom

What I Loved

Where to begin? Disney Cruise Line staterooms are as beautiful as they are functional. By their nature cruise cabins are smaller than traditional hotel rooms. However, the functionality built into these small spaces is nothing short of genius.

I love the raised queen-sized bed. I may have mentioned before that I do not possess the ability to pack light, and my suitcases are large. It was a tight fit, but even my supersize luggage fit under the bed.

The split bathroom layout allows for one person to shower, leaving the other bathroom open for toothbrushing and other, um, shall we say, personal needs. Not to mention that each stateroom has a lighted desk/vanity area where another person can get ready.

Unique to the “Family” level staterooms is the murphy bed which pulls down from the wall. I slept on that, and it was quite comfy. If you have a small child on the bed, it is only 17″ from the ground, but your Stateroom Host will happily bring a bed rail upon request.

What I Didn’t Love: Otherwise Entitled, A Call from the Bridge

This will be an admittedly small list. But the one problem I had with this room was that if you are taking a nice hot shower, you have two choices. 1) Keep the door closed, and turn the tiny bathroom into a sauna – which isn’t half bad, or 2) keep the bathroom door open to vent the steam, thus setting off the stateroom fire alarm. If your in-room fire alarm is triggered, you will luckily receive a call to your room before anyone is sent to investigate. So, I grabbed my towel, and dripped my way to the stateroom phone to dispel the need for an emergency response.

The good news is that DCL responds very quickly to in-room fire alarms.

The bad news is hot showers with open doors will trigger said fire alarms… which must account for many of their daily false alarms.

The only other thing I didn’t love about this room was that the porthole seat is very narrow. Porthole seats in staterooms are about half the depth of the ones in the public walkways, making lounging unlikely. Small kids may be able recline on them, but I was only able to sit there for a moment or two before I needed to stand back up again.

Final Thoughts on my Oceanview

It is a lovely room. For Bahamian or shorter sailings, I think it a great, cost-effective middle ground between rooms with balconies and interior rooms. You get natural daylight and port views, but there is no verandah to walk onto. Honestly, with only two stops at Nassau and Castaway Cay, I didn’t miss the verandah. Now, on an Alaskan, Canadian or European sailing, I would want the verandah.

We were in room 9508, which is on Deck 9 Forward… very forward. I loved the location. A quick walk up two flights of steps has you on the pool deck, and stairs and elevators were close, but not too close. The room was quiet, without too much “machinery hum” to bother us. I would book that room again in a heartbeat.

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