Disney Cruise Tips Countdown: Cheat Sheet

This is the text-only format for my 30-Day Cruise Countdown Tips. These Disney cruise tips help you get excited and help you stay organized. Let the Disney Cruise countdown begin!

30 Days: Time to try on that swimsuit you haven’t worn since last season. The same applies to any item of clothing you don’t wear often but plan to pack.

29 Days: Confirm all petsitting or kennel arrangements. Make sure all required vaccinations for boarding are up to date. (Do this sooner if your cruise is over a national holiday or peak travel season.)

28 Days: 4 weeks to go! Celebrate by making magnets for your door.

27 Days: Now is a good time to clean out your closets. This makes it easier to see what you have and what you need to buy before you leave.

26 Days: Make packing lists for each member of your family. Check out DCL Prep School’s Master Packing List Here.

25 Days: Gather the items from your packing list that you already have. Make a shopping list for the rest.

24 Days: Suitcase check! Make sure your travel gear is in good condition and that you have enough luggage.

23 Days: Pre-Pack! Go ahead and pack the items you will not need between now and when you travel.

22 Days: This is a good day to make sure you have a passport organizer/case that works for you.

21 Days: 3 weeks to go! Celebrate by watching a Disney movie together.

20 Days: Research and purchase a photo package. Buying now saves you money.

19 Days: Driving to the port? Make sure your car is travel ready. Check your oil and tire treads now.

18 Days: If you take prescription medication, make sure you have enough to last through your cruise and on the way back home. (Keep all prescription medication in carry-on/day bags, not in checked luggage!)

17 Days: Now is a great time to decide what – if any – alcohol you wish to carry on, and purchase it. Rules regarding carry on alcohol limits here.

16 Days: Break in the new shoes you bought for the cruise. Don’t wait!

15 Days: Make hair appointments. You want everyone looking good in all of your vacation photos.

14 Days: 2 weeks to go! Download a few of your favorite Disney tunes – or create a Disney tunes channel on your favorite streaming service – to get you in the Disney mindset!

13 Days: Locate your proof of citizenship now – passports, birth certificates, etc. Make copies of them. Keep them in a separate bag from the originals.

12 Days: Make photocopies of the front and back of any credit card you bring. If the originals are lost, you will have your account number and phone number of your bank handy.

11 Days: Check your sunscreen stash (especially if you are cruising in winter).

10 Days: Shop ’til you drop! Finish purchasing items on your packing list.

9 Days: Distribute Disney Cruise Line’s emergency number to one member of your family, house sitters and pet sitters. Cards will be in your cruise documents provided by DCL.

8 Days: Take ALL of the clothes you are packing out of circulation. Sure you’ll be in jeans and tees all next week, but it’s worth it.

7 Days: 1 week to go! Celebrate by playing Disney Trivia. Great questions can be found online.

6 Days: Wash EVERY piece of clothing in the house. Get your kids involved. Disney packing is the one time kids get excited about laundry.

5 Days: Pack clothes.

4 Days: Pack toiletries you won’t need until you cruise. Organize electronics, cameras, phones and chargers in one location. Pack your carry-ons and day bags.

3 Days: This is my mandatory pre-Disney mani-pedi day. Also, it’s a built in make-up day. Look at the list above… finish whatever you have put off.

2 Days: Fill the gas tank in your car. Get the car travel ready – pillows, blankets, snacks, movies. If you are flying, make sure all your boarding passes/confirmation numbers are with your passports.

1 Day: Planes, trains and automobiles – today you travel to your port city!

CRUISE DAY: Celebrate with Captain Mickey!

I hope you enjoyed my Disney Cruise Tips Countdown. While it isn’t a master to-do list, it will keep you on track, while giving you plenty of time to get excited about your upcoming Disney Cruise Line vacation.

Bon Voyage.

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