Castaway Cay

The best place on the face of the earth! Maybe I am a tad biased. I love Castaway Cay. No doubt about that. Disney took great pains to design the island for the comfort of their guests, and it shows.

What You Need to Know About Castaway Cay

The first thing you need to know is how to pronounce it. In American English c-a-y rhymes with bay or day. In Caribbean English, c-a-y is pronounced “key.” The second thing to remember is that Castaway Cay is an extension of the ship. Food and soda at Cookies and Cookies Too are included. Unlike private beaches at most ports of call, your day at Castaway Cay is included. There is no extra cost for chairs, umbrellas or life vests.


Family Beach

At Castaway Key the main place to be is at the beach. The Family Beach offers fun in the sun with a picturesque view of your ship. You could spend the entire day on this stretch of the island and never lack for things to do or ways to relax.

Active cruisers will enjoy the Swimming Lagoon, Snorkel Lagoon and Pelican Plunge. Snorkeling gear is available to rent, or you can bring your own. Tubes are available for rent as well.

For those who take relaxing seriously, the Family Beach is home to a number of hammocks and shaded lounge chairs. Though there is plenty of seating at the beach, disembark early to get the first pick of lounge chairs.

And for those who take relaxing VERY seriously, the Family Beach Cabanas are the way to relax in style. These little luxurious shacks offer all the comforts of a beach house and a bit of privacy, too. The cabanas are stocked with soda, snacks and sunscreen. Transportation via golf cart is provided and your hosts will be happy to take drink orders and bring them to you while you relax. Each cabana also has its own hammock, fresh water shower and tubes. One hour of snorkeling and biking is included for each guest. Cabanas on the Family Beach begin at $499 per day.

Serenity Bay

Serenity Bay is exclusively for guests over 18 years. It is far from the activity (and noise) of the Family Beach. To get there take the tram all the way to the final stop. In addition to adults only relaxation, Serenity Bay offers cabanas beginning at $399 per day, spa treatments (see salon onboard for selection and pricing) and an adults-only gourmet cookout with steak and fish.

Port Adventures & Rentals

To make your day at Castaway Cay even more fun, Disney offers a variety of port adventures and island rentals.

On the island your family can rent snorkel equipment or tubes to float in. You can also rent bikes, kayaks and water craft.

Castaway Cay’s Port Adventures includeo fishing, stingray adventures and a teens-only adventure outing. You can also enjoy an hour-long outing on a glass-bottom boat. True adventurers who want the best view of Castaway Cay can fly high on the parasailing adventure.

Kids Clubs

Finally, kids ages 3 to 12 can enjoy secured programming on the island at Scuttle’s Cove. Think of it as the Oceaneer Club/Lab on land. You will need to check your child into and out of the area. Teens can enjoy the hideout. Though tweens do not have a dedicated area, there is a dedicated time to tweens-only action at the In-Da-Shade Games Pavilion.