100+ Photos From Castaway Cay

Y’all know how I feel about Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. These are images from Sunday, October 2, 2016. As it happens, we were the last guests on the island prior to the arrival of Hurricane Matthew.

Most of us ran into the native sea lice in the waters that day. Yes, there is a lotion that you can use – which I hear is extremely effective – to prevent the little stinkers from getting you. Alas, having never encountered them before, I thought my lucky streak would continue, but it did NOT. In my ever loving attempt at keepin’ it real, you will see a lovely photo of my stung feet and the cankles which resulted. (No worries – ibuprofen, antihistamines and lots of water had them back to normal in two days.) If you are bothered by the sight of cankles, kindly do not enlarge that photo.

Photos of Castaway Cay

I hope you enjoy my photo gallery of 100+ Images of Castaway Cay

100 Photos of Castaway Cay, Disney's Private Island in the Bahamas

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100 Photos of Castaway Cay