10+ Easy Fish Exchange Gift Ideas

You’ve decided to participate in a Fish Exchange! Fantastic. Now what? It’s time to take a look at your list of gift recipients and plan out the gift you would like to give each of them. Now, many guests are crafty and creative. While others prefer to purchase the gifts they give. It is important to know that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the gifts you give. *Page contains affiliate links.*

What is a Fish Exchange

Fish Exchanges are a fun way to add extra magic to your cruise experience on Disney Cruise Line. To learn all about the Fish Exchange process check out DCL Prep School’s Ultimate Fish Exchange FAQ.

What Should I Plan to Spend Per Gift?

I wish there was an easy answer for this. I have seen and received great gifts that were about $1-$2 each. And I know that some families are comfortable spending $10 per gift. What is important is that no one goes into the fish exchange with pre-set expectations of what they will receive. Your budget is your business. But I highly recommend sticking with whatever you are comfortable spending.

I typically spend $3-$5 per gift. Shopping year-round for future cruises helps me find bargains. Sometimes I can get a $5 retail gift for $1, and that frees up money for splurge items. It’s all an average to me.

Can I Just Buy All My Gifts?

Of course. I am only moderately crafty, and sometimes I don’t even have the time for that. Amazon to the rescue! When I buy gifts I prefer those with a nautical or Disney theme to them. I keep them age-appropriate, and I do my best to avoid allergens when noted.

Fish Exchange Ideas on Amamzon

I did my best to list items sold via Amazon Prime or with free shipping. Who likes to pay for shipping. Some of the gifts are sold in sets, so you can break them down and give one or two per gift.

Double-Sided Nail File Emery Board Set 4 Pack

Ship’s Wheel Bottle Stopper: This is just cute, and perfect for those of us who occasionally need to recork an unfinished bottle of wine.

Mickey Ears: It is a Disney cruise after all! I was a bit hesitant to share this one with you, because how could ears which cost less than $2 each be good quality? But I was pleasantly surprised by the reviews, and felt good enough about them to share them with you and let you make up your own mind. I will note that reviewers said that due to sizing, these are best for children.

Vinyl Decals: Bar none, one of my favorite Fish Exchange gifts to receive was a decal I could place on my car. Years later it is a fantastic reminder of our cruise!

Temporary Tattoos: These come in fun designs for kids and realistic styles for those of us who like the idea of a tattoo, just not the permanence.

For the teen and tween girls in your Fish Exchange group, these metallic temporary tattoos are nothing but fun!

These are great for Pirate Night!

Single Use Waterproof Cameras

Waterproof cameras are great for almost anyone – well, anyone old enough to take a photo. Kids love them, teens love them, parents love them. These are just fun. At $6.50 each, they are a splurge item, but if you are in a smaller fish exchange group, or if they are in your budget, these are fantastic. This item is sold in a 10 pack.

Stateroom Door Magnets

Door decor is a big deal on Disney Cruise Line. It also helps you find your stateroom in a long corridor of white doors. And when you get home, you can transfer the magnets to your refrigerator or car as a reminder of your cruise. This anchor magnet set comes in a 4 pack, easy to split for multiple recipients.


Anchor Cord Bracelet: Great for teens and young adults!

Tug Boat Tub Toys: These come in multi-sets. Great for splitting amongst recipients. For ages 3 and up.

The Finishing Touches

Finally, if you think your gift needs just a little something extra to make it special, I recommend adding Life Savers. They are fun, nautically-appropriat and individually wrapped. They can be enjoyed on board, and as long as they stay wrapped, they can be taken off the ship to be eaten at home. I like to toss a few into each gift I give.

I hope these ideas get you excited about your next Disney Cruise and all the fun to be enjoyed participating in a Fish Exchange! *This page contains affiliate links.*

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